Sunday, May 23, 2010


Last night I thought I'd be killed. Just hordes and hordes of Sicilians losing any mental stability they might have once had. Grouping together in the streets donning the same colours, dancing, screaming, chanting, embracing, jumping on cars, crying, frantic whirling/hurling of flags, car horns blaring rhythmically, the stench of burning the oppositions garb. INTENSE EMOTIONS. Why? Inter Milan made an 2-0 victory against Bayern Munich.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bit of love

My new family are just so god damn perfect

Monday, April 26, 2010

Auguri a tutti gli antifascisti

Today was a national holiday celebrating the Liberation of Italy. With a large group of friends, we trekked a small way up from the foot of the mountain and had a day of food and wine and soccer in the middle of a forest so enchantingly green and lush I more expected places like this to exist photoshopped and only in films. It was the private property of someones Nonni, a type of typical holiday escape - 'in campagna'. Their traditional variation on BBQing was interesting and just the whole scenic environment/situaton exquisite and once again I kicked myself for not bringing a camera. There was a colossal waterfight and everyone thought it would be a great joke to gang up on the Australian girl. Despite my best efforts I was vastly outnumbered and judging by the water flowing from my clothes/hair/ears and the parched appearances of others, I was probably unvictorious. I was obliged to change into a dry outfit donated by the evil but ever-loving culprits. Italians have a strange obsession with always having dry hair, utterly convinced you'd die of pneumonia otherwise. As well as having wet hair, having bare feet in the house/anywhere is a no-no taken tooo seriously. Troppo difficile to adjust after living in Yamba.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Helium + Shouting Sicilian phrases angrily = Good
The birds here are on acid.
Pedestrian sidewalks = Not a safety zone from oncoming motorbikes/vespas/general traffic.

Bye Neglect!

Starting today I vow to write SOMETHING on this blog every week regardless of how little/insignificant