Friday, January 29, 2010


I know in a previous post I rather smugly told you I'd be staying in a castle this week… but you see I was mistaken. Turns out it's just a hotel – a very gorgeous historic one at that. Think tendrils of greenery spilling over intricate stonework. Big stone pillars and wells in the courtyard.

This is the view from my bedroom window:

Houses are more like works of art rather than practical dwellings, each individually intensifying the charm of their surroundings. Most are bold coloured antique-looking little things with intricate fencing, balconies and windows, elongated vertically. They seem to reflect the personalities inhabiting them.

Despite my instant-love reaction of this place, it’s difficult to adjust to its backwardness. Of course there's the obvious things. Like adjusting to an opposite climate, timezone and toilet flush. Then there's the extra attention you have to pay when crossing roads. I’ve almost been taken out a few times by people (who veer to the right rather than the left) and by cars - being accustomed to looking to the right when anticipating oncoming traffic.

At 5AM this morning - After growing sick of having ice cold showers in this climate - I call reception for help "Scusi, Non ho aqua caldo in bagno", I say. A male voice prattles at me and within 1 minute there is a knock at the door - I'm still in my towel. I have the tap turned towards red, for hot (like any sane human being would). The man turns the tap to blue and sure enough precious hot water cascades from the shower head. He laughs and as I thank him, he tells me “I stay and wash you just to make sure”.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Allora. This is my final AUS post. The gruelling voyage commences around 6am tomorrow morning. To those I didn't exchange proper goodbyes with (most): Just. Count yourself lucky. Today was spent busily readying last minute must-haves + hauling the blubbering wreck that is me from one goodbye to another. Such a soppy/corny extravaganza. Nottt what you want.

Now to the point.......


Unfortunately I will (see it later) D:

Friday, January 22, 2010


Like that with a Z. 43 hours 21 minutes and 15 seconds. THEN IT BEGINS. My flight itinery = Brisbane - Sydney - Bangkok - London - Milan. Then a weeks orientation on Lago (Lake) Maggiore in a castle. You heard. A CASTLE. Just casually staying in one. Lago Maggiore is just below the Alps. Soooo. Guess it will be a tad cold. Being the middle of Winter and all. Such a whimsical watery wonderland (so the pictures tell me). I will upload photo's on arrival so stay tuned :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


For those who don't know: I'm going on exchange to Italy for a year. The place i'll be living is a "small" (for a population that's squished together like sardines) coastal town called Acireale in Sicily's East. It lies at the foot of a massive, highly active volcano.Yew.

This is Acireale:

- I can't wait to have my own shots :)

3 days til my flight to Italy. Mixed feelings. Excited beyond description. but. also very, very nostalgic. Leaving all this is harder than I what I'd imagined. Ha. I never knew I had emotions. Today I had to say goodbye to Adam, he's off to France tomorrow morning. Exchange - like me. I love him like I love things that I love. Only better. I'm avoiding eye make-up for a while...I'm sick of looking like a cheek-streaked drag queen whilst farewelling. I miss him so much already D: Ugh.

This is my bebefille. Au revoir. Ily ily mwa mwa :
On Tuesday I had my Arrivaderci Dinner at the tavern with amazing company. Enjoyable. But overwhelming too... to have to say goodbye to so many of the people I love in one whammy:

This week also! I finished up at work. Devastating, I know. Such a family. Lynne + Vic (our bosses) took Adam and I out to dinner at the golfy. Biggest sweeties to exist.

Friendliest Grocer has officially left the building - for the 2nd time:

...My icecream parlour4lyf <3>

...Observe their eagerness. Simply CLAWING at the glass for icecream attention.