Sunday, March 28, 2010


LONDON WAS STUPENDOUS. There is much much much that is so very necessary to address. But I couldn't justify it on such a public domain. Amazing company, unforgettable times. Not to be sentimental but I long to return. I only wish you could have been there to witness the hilarity of a horde of Sicilians blocking up the metro in central London. Or just standing/walking on the wrong side in general. Though I have to say they responded well to the threats of death consecutively hurled at them. By singing Sicilian folk songs at them. At the top of their lungs... It was an experience being twice the foreigner; a DOUBLE foreigner if you will. Let loose in central London for a week with a pack of pazzi Siciliani. I did my best to translate, as I was relied on with noone on the trip able to speak English. The guide that sometimes accompanied us spoke only hasty Italian so I remain quite ignorant to much of the tourist attractions. I avoided tacky souvenirs at all costs. Gave mocking looks and criticised those who loved to buy things such as I LOVE LONDON shirts. And then upon return to Sicily was vastly disappointed with the discovery of lack of momentos.

Some highlights:

BEING IN THE PRESENCE of artworks of artists such as da Vinci, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Botticelli, Monet, Raphael, Bellini at the National Museum. Ahhh. Loose in Piccadilly Circus by night. Tower Bridge and attempting to climb the lions in Trafalgar Square in torrential rain. Westminster Abbey. London Eye. Big Ben. Attempting to pat the raccoon hats of the marching band outside Windsor Castle. H A R R O D S - the single love of my life. Being able to purchase large coffees once again. Such a taken for granted luxury. The realisation that I will never appreciate food again that isn't Italian. THE FASHION. Nowhere have I ever seen such exceptional exceptionality. Hotel times. Madame Taussauds - raping Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie, Audrey Hepburn and Britney Spears. And who could forget Shrek, Hitler, Obama and Gandhi. I'm not a sad little person. I met them and they liked it. Avoiding impending death from just BEING in the metro. Witnessed around three people being crushed by the doors which shut fast and heavy, regardless of whether or not you're all the way inside on time. A total of roughly three hours sleep for the last four days. Without passing out. A saxophonist rocking out to Destination Calabria in the middle of Piccadilly one night. Just throwing himself in the air with enthusiasm as he punched out each note. Remind me to get my Alex Gaudino on when I'm reunited with my Sax.

Here's a link to SOME of the many photos from the London trip:

Aside from London adventures, much much much has gone down. Sicilians are beautiful people and their everyday exuberance and warmth ceaselessly impresses me. Being here is more fun than ever. Recently I visited a four story bar composed ENTIRELY of penis's. I need photos to illustrate the tremendousness to which the place has incorporated its theme. I've now visited Taormina, easily the single most magnificent place in Sicily. It's fair to say I've never seen anything more exquisite - it's where i'll grow old. Last night I rode a Vespa for the first time. JUST THE BEST THING TO EXIST even though all that was in my head was DEATH IS EASY AND SOON. I miss everyone from Australia with enormity. Not just the people but the mentality. And I have failed so dismally at keeping in contact with anyone. In fact, there's not one person I've kept in half acceptable communication with. Not even the people that are closest of the close. I imagine many, if not all of you are feeling betrayed and hurt and I can only hope that upon return you will forgive me. Such a failure on the highest level. On a more optimistic note, my skype is finally working :) Message me and let's work out a good time for a catch up sesh or ten.