Thursday, January 21, 2010


For those who don't know: I'm going on exchange to Italy for a year. The place i'll be living is a "small" (for a population that's squished together like sardines) coastal town called Acireale in Sicily's East. It lies at the foot of a massive, highly active volcano.Yew.

This is Acireale:

- I can't wait to have my own shots :)

3 days til my flight to Italy. Mixed feelings. Excited beyond description. but. also very, very nostalgic. Leaving all this is harder than I what I'd imagined. Ha. I never knew I had emotions. Today I had to say goodbye to Adam, he's off to France tomorrow morning. Exchange - like me. I love him like I love things that I love. Only better. I'm avoiding eye make-up for a while...I'm sick of looking like a cheek-streaked drag queen whilst farewelling. I miss him so much already D: Ugh.

This is my bebefille. Au revoir. Ily ily mwa mwa :
On Tuesday I had my Arrivaderci Dinner at the tavern with amazing company. Enjoyable. But overwhelming too... to have to say goodbye to so many of the people I love in one whammy:

This week also! I finished up at work. Devastating, I know. Such a family. Lynne + Vic (our bosses) took Adam and I out to dinner at the golfy. Biggest sweeties to exist.

Friendliest Grocer has officially left the building - for the 2nd time:

...My icecream parlour4lyf <3>

...Observe their eagerness. Simply CLAWING at the glass for icecream attention.

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