Monday, February 8, 2010

Mi dispiace

Dear blog. Sorrry for the mass neglection. Truth is, my mind has been (and still is) blank with overload. HOW IN THE WORLD can I cram everything that is crucial - in order to give you an accurate perception of how it is here - in this one pathetic post?

So yes, unfortunately this is how it will be. A minimally detailed sketchy account - in an attempt to cover it all. Bit by bit.

I went to Milano.

Indeed. That is where I went.

Ok so I can't do this unelaborative ding-dang. (Sez - it's on the spread!) (And unelaborative? It's been what. Two measly weeks. And my English vocabulary is a deserted desert).

Il Duomo pretty well made my life. SURELY NO PIECE OF ARCHITECTURE IS MORE EXQUISITE. I don't consider myself religious, but on stepping inside I was dumbstruck. It's aura is indescribable. I felt like crying!

As far as the people of Milano are concerned, it's certainly true what they say. The difference in warmth of character is astounding when comparing the North to the South. Though I did discover it was a fun game to smile inanely at every very sombre-looking Milanese.

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